Business Continuity / Resumption / Recovery – Pandemic Crisis

Is your business currently locked-down, operating at a reduced level, or soon-to-be locked down due to the current Covid-19 Pandemic? Is your business considered an essential service and still have employees serving the communities?

Whether your business is locked-down or still operating, workers and business owners are scared and looking for answers. Questions such as; how do we protect the health and safety of our workers, our customers/clients? Business owners and workers are looking ahead wondering, what do we need to do once we are able to commence work again? How do we ensure that is safe to start working again – what health and safety policies/procedures/practices do we need to put in-place?

The answers are not easy and straightforward. There are more questions than answers at present. But what we do know; each unique business will have the requirement and need to ensure that workers, customers, and general public are safe and healthy.

Spectrum can offer industry-leading programs and associated solutions to not only help your business meet legal requirements today, but also plan, prepare, and be ready to respond to future business-impacting events such as pandemics, natural disasters, violent crimes, civil unrest and more.

Business Continuity / Resumption /Recovery Assessment – our experts will work to perform an assessment of your unique business operations against worker health and safety legislative requirements, industry best practices, organizational policies/procedures to evaluate immediate emergency response and business continuity capabilities alongside longer-term risk management strategies for business resumption and recovery.

  • Spectrum will provide an assessment report and required and suggested corrective actions for implementation and consideration.

Policies / Procedures / Plans / Programs

  • Spectrum will work with organizations to revise their existing plans or develop new policies, procedures, and practices to address the current pandemic situation to protect the safety and health of employees, cusomers/clients, and general public.
  • Do you have an Emergency Response Plan, that includes Business Continuity/Resumption and Recovery? If not, Spectrum can assess your unique business needs and revise or develop new Plans aligned with your business goals.
  • Health and Safety Plans/Programs – if you have a Plan/Program but it needs review and revision, we can assist. We can work with you to evolve your existing Plans and Programs or develop a new Plan or Program for you.

Training – Worker and Management Training

Wondering what do now, after you’ve revised /developed these new H&S Plans and Programs to address the current Covid-19 pandemic and future outbreaks or events. Spectrum can develop customized training programs to be delivered to your workforce – remotely or in-person.

External H&S and Emergency Management Audit

Are you wondering if your organization meets all legislative, industry best practices, and organizational policies/procedures with respect to worker safety and health for pandemics or other business-impacting events?

  • Spectrum’s certified H&S auditors can coordinate and implement a customized audit to provide 3rd party verification of your organizations’ current compliance levels. We will provide an audit based on international standard protocols and criteria; highlighting any deficiencies, opportunities for improvement, and required/suggested corrective actions.
  • Our certified EHS professionals can assist your organization in developing customized solutions and implementing them across all your operations.
  • Once Programs and Plans are being applied in practice, we will work with your leadership and workers to revaluate organizational performance and ensure your programs remain current as legislation and business needs evolve.
Spectrum EHS Solutions Provides One-Stop Environmental, Health and Safety and Emergency Management Consulting Solutions.
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