Compliance and Due Diligence Assessment

Are you wondering and questioning whether your organization is compliant with applicable Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) and Emergency Management legislation, your organizational policies/procedures, or industry best practices?

-Spectrum is experienced in performing either a desk-top assessment or a combination on – off-site assessment, completely customized to your organizations’ needs. We will identify the requirements, identify any gaps between requirements and current state, and provide a suggested corrective action list to move your organization into compliance. This is a collaborative approach – our clients know their business, Spectrum knows the EHS legislation.

Are your Senior Executives, Board of Directors, or Stakeholders wondering or questioning whether your organization’s policies, procedures, and work practices can offer defensible ‘Due Diligence’, from an EHS and Emergency Management perspective?

-Spectrum is experienced in performing comprehensive Due Diligence Assessments of organizations; providing a current snapshot of your organization, with a detailed, specific and tangible assessment and corrective action report. Organizations can address any of the identified improvement opportunities internally or engage Spectrum to assist.

Spectrum EHS Solutions Provides One-Stop Environmental, Health and Safety and Emergency Management Consulting Solutions.
We understand prospective clients must have a clear understanding of our company’s competencies and abilities. Beyond that, we want to understand, what are your wants? what are your problems? We want to build your trust, respect, and ultimately develop long-term business relationships.
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