Environmental, health and safety training programsEnvironmental, health and safety training programs

Build a customized training plan that will be most effective for your employees.

We don’t offer ‘canned’ EHS training for our clients. We appreciate each client is unique and we commit to getting to know our clients and understanding their individual needs and around those needs we build a customized training plan that will be most effective for their employees.

We develop classroom, group and field training exercises including spill response, environmental awareness, construction practises, fisheries protection, waste management, climate change, sustainability, emergency management, along with other specialized training.

Spectrum EHS Solutions Provides One-Stop Environmental, Health and Safety and Emergency Management Consulting Solutions.
We understand prospective clients must have a clear understanding of our company’s competencies and abilities.
Beyond that, we want to understand, what are your wants? what are your problems? We want to build your trust, respect, and ultimately develop long-term business relationships.
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