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We often start with an initial chat to understand your unique needs and wants. From there we can create simple, practical, common sense yet effective actions and solutions that create meaningful results that you can immediately apply within your organization. We work with you, our client, to understand what may work and what may not. Everything we do is customized for our client.


Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Auditing Services

We offer customized, environment, health and safety (EHS) auditing services that are tailored to our client’s needs. We provide a comprehensive snapshot of your organization’s position in relation to industry standards and requirements; complete with gap analysis, detailed findings and supported by tangible and meaningful corrective actions for implementation. Whether a compliance, performance, management system, or COR audit, we can develop and conduct to suit each client’s requirements.

Results – this approach improves your EHS compliance and performance.

Environmental Management System Development Service

Spectrum commits to doing more than simply developing and implementing Management Systems for our clients to be kept on the shelf, collecting dust. Whether building a management system based on the requirements of ISO 141001 or OSHAS 18001, we go commit to going beyond providing you a nice binder or e-link in providing you an EMS, we ensure our management systems provide tangible value to our clients; a system that demonstrates EHS due diligence and improves EHS performance.

Environmental, Health and Safety Training Programs

We don’t offer ‘canned’ EHS training for our clients. We appreciate each client is unique and we commit to getting to know our clients and understanding their individual needs and around those needs we build a customized training plan that will be most effective for their employees. We develop, classroom, group and field training exercises including spill response, environmental awareness, construction practises, fisheries protection, waste management, climate change, sustainability, emergency management, along with other specialized training.

Emergency Management Plan Development

The emergency plans we develop are based on recognized systems (i.e. ICS, BCERMS) that are all encompassing, from a preparedness, response and recovery perspective. Unlike many emergency plans which focus solely on response, we take a holistic approach, first conducting a company-wide Hazard, Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (HRVA), then building a customized Plan which meets our customers needs.

Interested in ‘testing’ your Plan? We can develop and facilitate customized tabletop emergency exercises, whether with your own employees or external participants.

Customized Environmental Emergency Plan Development

Do you need an Environmental Emergency Plan? The Canadian Environmental Emergency Regulation, as part of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA), identifies certain products and thresholds that must have a plan in-place. Spectrum assists and develops customized that meet Environmental Emergency Plans for clients to meet the regulation, while functioning as an effective tool.

EHS Risk Assessment and Management Strategies

As a Company, how do you know where to focus your EHS resources? We have a solution – Spectrum offers a customized, verifiable, corporate EHS risk assessment approach for some or all your operations. We identify the EHS hazards, rank the risks, identify mitigation measures in-place, and then provide a detailed road map of suggested risk management strategies to eliminate and/or mitigate your EHS risks.

Company Board of Directors, senior management and line staff loves this tool!

EHS Risk Assessment Calculator

Spectrum has developed a program to systematically identify and quantify EHS hazards, rank the risks, and identify the mitigation measures in-place. This tool is simple to use and easily customizable for each customer.

Custom EHS E-learning Courses

Spectrum develops EHS e-learning courses, completely customized for each client. These courses are professional, cost-effective, and most of all, provide another tool in your training toolbox.

Compliance and Due Diligence Assessment

Spectrum is experienced in performing either a desk-top assessment or a combination on – off-site assessment, completely customized to your organizations’ needs. We will identify the requirements, identify any gaps between requirements and current state, and provide a suggested corrective action list to move your organization into compliance.

Business Continuity / Resumption / Recovery – Pandemic Crisis

Spectrum can offer industry-leading programs and associated solutions to not only help your business meet legal requirements today, but also plan, prepare, and be ready to respond to future business-impacting events such as pandemics, natural disasters, violent crimes, civil unrest and more.

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